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Obviously Vikram Knows A Guy Who Can Get Them A Deal On Rooms

As previously mentioned, Citi, likely out of a desire to not be tarred and feathered for the second time this year regarding "inappropriate use of taxpayer money," canceled a weekend reward trip for top brokers. Instead, the bank distributed a bunch of gift cards in 1, 2 and 3,000 dollar denominations, which the Post reported totaled about $3.5 million. Bloomberg, however, is claiming it was more like $13 million.* Now, we personally don't really give a rats ass either way about these get-aways, but if the figure is closer to Bloomberg's estimate, would it really have been that much more to send them on the three-day vacay?
*Perhaps this includes cancellation fees or something, but the 'berg makes no mention of such charges, only that the $13 million went toward compensating the employees who got gypped on the trip.