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Rego Park Suggests You All Start Packing Heat

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In the meantime, I'd like to pass on a stock tip from a source of mine. While I don't usually make stock recommendations, and I'm certainly not recommending this one, it's worth noting that one of the hottest stocks amid the economic misery we've been experiencing goes under the symbol SWHC, or gun maker Smith & Wesson Holdings Corp. It's up around 70 percent, and at least in my mind, this isn't the flight-to-quality the markets need.


Now You Listen Here: Tim Geithner's Bags Are Packed

Earlier today, it was reported that Timothy P. Geithner has informed people that he "plans to leave the administration by the end of January, even if President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans haven’t reached an agreement to raise the debt ceiling." Will this actually happen? Those unfamiliar with the Treasury Secretary's attempts to leave his post in the past will say yes. He's leaving, ship-shape. Those who've watched TPG try and fail to bust out of Washington for the last nineteen months, however, know better. More than likely, he's not going anywhere and it's not because deep down inside he doesn't actually want to go home but because his bosses won't let him. Witness, if you will, a small sampling of examples in which his requests have been denied, either directly (via someone laughing in his face) or indirectly (by giving those who've applied to replace him the wrong directions to their interview):

Meredith Whitney Suggests Morgan Stanley Start Working On Its Craiglist Ad

The way Whitney sees it, some kind of sugar daddy or "rich uncle" setup is Morgan Stanley's only hope for survival going forward. the wake of a disappointing second-quarter report. Meredith Whitney, of her own Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, said there was little to “chat about” given the particularly weak 4% return on equity Morgan Stanley sported. “It can’t be much fun to be a shareholder of Morgan Stanley, and, things got a lot worse this past June when Moody’s downgraded the company’s debt to one of the lowest ratings of its competitors,” Whitney wrote, as the first sentence of her research report. “With a 4% ROE, at what point does it make sense for Morgan Stanley to begin looking for ‘a rich uncle’?” Morgan Stanley Gets Some Tough Advice From Whitney, Mayo [DealJournal]