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Retirement Agreeing With Jimmy Cayne

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He spent most weekdays during the end of his Bear Stearns career cheating at golf, playing bridge (for weeks at a time at special camps), and getting high, so it makes sense that Jimmy Cayne would be "settling into retirement" without a hitch, as he told the Postover the weekend, on the anniversary of the sucker going down.
According to Big Daddy Cayne, who was, of course, calling from a bridge tourney, his favorite card game is "what I do a lot, and, when the weather permits I play a lot of golf." And when he can't get away (or come up with the tuition money for clinics, having blown it all on chips), friends say that BDC plays over the internet, "for up to six hours at a time," which frees up many opportunities to say "fuck it, I'm old and I don't care," spark one, and call the Treasury Secretary a "gay office clerk" on the record to reporters.
As for St. Patrick's Day plans, Cayne told the P he skipped out "on that amateur hour shit in Hoboken," but has been celebrating "St. Patrick's Week" since Friday, which checks out with a DB tipster, who mentioned spotting "a visibly drunk and obviously stoned Jimmy Cayne in a Murray Hill dive Sunday, waxing philosophic to the barkeep while snarfing Funions," and mumbling something about, "Maybe Bear Stearns was just, like, a little molecule on the tip of my finger, just like a tiny little speck," which he probably truly believes.