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Ron Insana: Hero

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So, I don't think we were alone in wondering if Ron Insana's presence around CNBC today was indication that his follow-up to SAC Capital was gonna be a full-time return to the peacock. If it was, we were hoping somea the kinks would be worked out, 'cause the interactions with his former colleagues were nothing short of downright awkward. (The Power Lunch gang was all smiley and so happy to have their local boy back from the big city, but things just feel so different, and nobody knows how to act and will they ever get their groove back, or can you really never go home again?).
Then we realized all the uncomfortable fumbling and the "where does this go?" and the overwhelming feeling that RonIs has just outgrown the place and is too good for his old friends was a build up to a glorious bubble-bursting finish. During his last few minutes on air, in response to the Bill/Sue/Michelle/Dennis creaming it over the fact that Warren Buffett will be answering viewers' questions via e-mail, Insana noted, "Well, it'd probably just be easier to get him on the phone," with a little smirk meant to indicate he can. Cause, ya know, while the PL crew's been Talking Head-ing it up, Ronnie-boy has been flourishing under the tutelage of the fleece king of Conn, and has WB on speed dial.
Someone needs to send us a screen shot of the look on Buemichennis's faces because never have they been so thoroughly bitch-slapped and by one of their own, not even Charlie Gasparino. The mouths agape, the failed attempts to catch their bearings, the stuttering to come up with a comeback, the internal "OMFG I can't believe he just said that doesn't he know he's supposed to kiss our asses for having email access to WB?!" I'm not exactly sure who's to thank for this big-shot attitude,* but we have our guesses which is why someone in Stamford should be looking out for a couplea boxes of Girl Scout cookies on us, this afternoon.
*Not a criticism. We want to see more of this 'tude on the network.