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Shared Sacrifice

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Be honest. Since the industrial revolution, did you ever think you'd see the day where unions provided a truly competitive force? Well, that day is today. Of course, that "competitive force" is the drive for more government cheese, and it is a force only being inflicted on other segments of the same union, but that's, at least, some kind of progress.

Hourly workers at Ford Motor Co. ratified sweeping cost-cutting changes in their labor contract, a development likely to increase pressure on struggling competitors General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC to secure similar concessions.
Worker approval of the union concessions at Ford came as GM and Chrysler hosted President Barack Obama's auto industry task force as part of their bids to win billions of dollars more in federal aid.

How wonderfully perverse. A sacrificial beauty contest. Who gave up the most? You? I see you've severed the last two fingers on your left hand. Excellent. Wait... is your entire arm gone? Outstanding! Your second born child? Wow, you people came ready to engage in joint sacrifice alright!
Maybe what we really need is two parallel systems. A free market system with normal competitive forces and a captive system where interest groups clamor over each other for government cheese. If we could just replace the currency in the second system with actual government cheese, or maybe something equally worthless like seashells or some other kind of primitive tokens (bottlecaps? red ochre? magic "the gathering" cards? massive, circular stone coins?)
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