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Should Ken Lewis Be Worried About His Job? Should Lloyd Blankfein? Should John Mack?

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Should the main feature of the Tickle A Vickle booth,* Vikram Pandit? They all came out of Wednesday lunch date describing the event as a beautiful, life-altering, orgasmic experience, so it'd certainly come as something as a bitch slap for Obama to turn around and fire them, but The Deal is thinking Rick Wagoner's canning is indication Obama is finished playing Mr. Nice Guy with TARP recipients. Obviously with the shelving of his private Zen garden, Pandit has little reason left to want to keep this gig, but he probably also isn't looking to get thrown out on his ass. As for Ken Lewis, he's already sworn we'll have to drag his dead lifeless body out of the place, so there could be some friction there, as well.
*Like a kissing booth, but with more jolly elfin' fun.