So There's Class Warfare, And Then There's Class Warfare

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For all the anger and vitriol directed at Wall Street, finance and financiers, things haven't gotten to the point where violence is more than a passing concern. Not so, we fear, elsewhere in the world.

A Greek militant group threatened in a statement published Thursday to continue its bombing campaign, saying recent attacks against Citibank were in response to the international financial crisis.
The Pontiki weekly newspaper published a statement from the Revolutionary Struggle group, which claimed responsibility for a failed car-bomb attack Feb. 18 on Citibank offices in Athens and a bomb attack Monday on a suburban Citibank branch that caused damage but no injuries.

Bad news: Citi a target of terrorist organizations because of complicity in financial crisis.
Good news: Terrorist organization can't seem to bat more than .200 against southpaw Vikram Pandit.
Greek terror group: Citibank attacked over crisis [Yahoo Finance]