(Some Of) Alpha's Biggest Hedge Fund Losers


As mentioned earlier, Alpha magazine is set to follow up its annual list of the this year's top earning hedge fund managers tomorrow with a list of 2008's Biggest Losers, comprised of a group of managers who together lost $6.2 billion 2008. (The mag uses two factors to calculate earnings, or, in this case, lack thereof: "the managers' shares of their firm's performance and management fees, as well as gains on their own capital.") According to CNBC, it will look something like this:
1. Ken Griffin, down $2 billion (personally)

2. Eddie Lampert, down $1 billion

3. Steve Cohen, down $750 million

4. [insert here]
5. [insert here]
6. T. Boone Pickens, down $450 million

7. [insert here]
8. Carl Ichan, down $400 million

It hurts, yeah, but we're told that one of the guys above rallied his troops this morning by offering this silver lining: "I know this looks bad, but don't worry about me compadres. You should see our clients."