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Stripper's Story Sorta Scam

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By now you've read the article that ran in yesterday's Post about the "scores" of laid off female professionals in town who've taken up work as working girls. Such as Randi Newton, seen at left, a former financial analyst at Morgan Stanley who got canned and decided to climb up on the pole to make a few shekels ("A few nights after I got laid off, I went with friends to a strip club to get drunk and forget my unemployment troubles," Newton said. "The manager offered me a job as a dancer. I thought it was different. And fun.")

Supposedly she's making $160,000 a year "on tips alone," working as an "independent contractor" dancing at Rick's Cabaret. She's apparently also an actress with roles going as back as 2001, which sort of pokes holes in the theory that she started doing this in response to being cast out on the streets by John Mack, and is part of some (non-existent) trend going down in Manhattan among the laid off set. And that's sort of disappointing, right? But it doesn't have to be! Surely among the Dealbreaker readers there exist at least a gaggle girlie boys currently dabbling in employment who are at least curious (if not dying to) give stripping a try, and it's now or never (if you do it now you can use the excuse you just did it for the money, whereas in better times you're just a ho). So get out there and make something happen, A-sap (and report back immediately).