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Suspect: Overlap Of BAC Officials/Groups Members

As you're aware, Andrew Cuomo has enlisted the assistance of Rep. Barney Frank in an effort to get Bank of America to roll over and submit, concerning the matter of giving the AG what he wants regarding Merrill Lynch bonuses. Not (just) because those "stymieing" bastards are shutting Andy-boy down at every turn but because his office has its hands full with a bigger, younger, more pre-pubescent matter.

A $10,000 Internet bounty was placed on Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's head by a suspected agent of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, The Post has learned.
The shocking death threat by the infamous organization of pederasts was posted three weeks ago on an Internet news-group bulletin board that originated in The Bronx, law-enforcement sources said.

The threat, described by a source as "unprecedented" because it is believed to come from an organization, prompted a sweeping and ongoing criminal probe by the Attorney General's Office and at least one other law-enforcement organization, and subpoenas were issued, sources said.
The "reward" was offered under the headline: "$10,000 to shoot Andrew Cuomo in the face!"
"I am an official of NAMBLA, and I can confirm that we have raised the cash to reward any individual who manages to accomplish this task. Thank you," read the message, a transcript of which was obtained by The Post.