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Thanks, Paul. Don't Call Us. We'll Call You.

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Josh Gerstein over at Politico is not a very happy camper. We're not huge Politico fans or anything, but Gerstein brings up some very interesting points about how badly Paul Volcker has been used by the present administration. To wit:

Six weeks after President Barack Obama appointed a blue-ribbon panel to help him dig America out of its economic crisis, the board has yet to hold an official public meeting.
The White House initially said that the 16-member Presidential Economic Recovery Advisory Board, headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, would meet "every few weeks." Last month, a spokesperson told POLITICO the group would meet monthly. More recently, the White House said the high-powered board, set up to address what Obama has called the worst economic emergency since the Great Depression, would gather only about four times a year, with the next session due in "late spring."

Gerstein goes on to wonder if some private meetings by segments of the Advisory Board aren't gaming the Federal Advisory Committee Act, which requires public disclosure when such bodies meet.
It does seem a bit like Volcker was paraded about to inspire confidence, and then mushroomed once his appearance hit flat panel screens around the country enough times to have the desired effect.
Econ board has yet to meet publicly [Politico]


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