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This Only Sounds Worth It If Ken Lewis Is Waitressing

So, this 1) sounds ridiculously implausible and 2) is coming out of a UK-based publication. And yet, considering the brain trusts we've got overseeing this TARP biz, cannot in good conscience be entirely ruled out. According to Here Is The City, "lawmakers" in the US are mulling over the idea of passing legislation that would aim to make taxpayers feel better about the fact that banks, etc are being bailed out on their dime. How will those frowns be turned upside down? By being awarded the dubious honor of having access to TARP-taking firms' cafeterias and bathrooms, supposedly.

One lawmaker told Here Is The City: 'We are actively looking at ways to ensure that the US taxpayer feels better about the bail-out of these large financial institutions. One way is to give members of the public access to the (often) subsidized food provided at these canteens. We acknowledge that there are security implications to be considered, but we are confident that we can overcome these issues. Giving the public access to staff toilets and restrooms at these firms is also under active consideration. We aim to move forward aggressively on this'.