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Those Consulting Fees Have Clearly Been Worth It

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10-k Queen Michelle Leder notes today that Charles K. Gifford, the former Fleet chief who retired from Bank of America a few months after the merger was completed, is still enjoying a bunch o' perks, including use of the corporate aircraft (which cost BAC $947,682 last year, and an additional $281,307 in taxes), office space and (multiple?) secretaries (which cost BAC $225,031), and fees associated with "consulting" for the firm ("I think Bank of Angelo Mozilo sounds best but you do what you want"). We sort of don't give a rat's ass about this, but we are looking forward to hearing the shit-fit raised by fellow retired CEO Sandy Weill, who made the gargantuan effort to curb his jet and administrative assistant usage in the name of the company he loves, a few months back. This isn't fair, and he wants his free office back NOW!