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Time's 2009 List Of Most Influentials Is Fluid

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But it may include a business news reporter best known for whaling mercilessly on the Boflex moments before going on air in order to give his scoops that added air of intensity. That's right, kemo sabes, there's a possibility that Charlie Gasparino will be named one of the 100 most influential people of the year, if he plays his cards right (i.e. successfully intimidates you into voting for him via threats of physical harm). Take a moment to let that sink in. Other finalists, who you can endorse this morning in a concerted effort to make the list that much more irrelevant (but way more hilarious!) include: Jim Cramer, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and Ken Lewis. How KL's unofficial number 2 at Bank of Amerillwide, Angelo Mozilo, got snubbed, we have no idea. We're also failing to wrap our minds around Vikram Pandit's name not being thrown in the hopper, though many of you will be pleased to see his bondage and leather loving nemesis, Meredith Whitney, made the cut, as did Ponzi-boy Madoff. And in what appears to be a (fleeting) moment of lucidity by those compiling the noms, Jamie Dimon, Ben Bernanke and Lloyd Blankfein were tossed in, just for shits. No Paulsons, Chanoses, or Einhornies, though. Let's not go crazy.
The 2009 TIME 100 Finalists [Time]



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