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Wells Fargo Chief Shows Enormous Restraint When Talkin' TARP...

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    Original: not referring to the thing, and its retroactive curbs, as "ass backward retarded" (though, bless his heart, you know he wanted to). Scrawling it on a wall in Geithner's private lavatory will have to suffice for now, in addition to describing the administration's plans to stress-test banks as "asinine," during a speech at Stanford University, which had to have felt good. As part of a performance art attempt to get his ass hauled before Congress to be shouted at, Richard "Pro-jobs" Kovacevich also added:

"Is this America -- when you do what your government asks you to do and then retroactively you also have additional conditions? If we were not forced to take the TARP money, we would have been able to raise private capital at that time and not needed to cut the dividend to preserve cash."


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