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What Will Dylan Ratigan Do Next?

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When we heard this morning that Dylan Ratigan was probably out at CNBC, after a supposed row with a producer over the matter of reading viewer e-mail on-air, which D-Rat did not want to do, as it would threaten to drag Fast Money into low-brow territory, our first thought was, but what will he do without FM and the gang? Down 4 bald domes (+ K. Fine), a garish set, rapid fire cuts of the camera, the general stench of midtown, and the opportunity, on any given day, to tussle with Charlie Gasparino, would D-Rat wander the streets losing his sense of purpose and falling into an emotional hole? Clearly, we were losing mid-morning sleep over the whole thing. But our fears have been put to rest, after stumbling upon this.

Dylan Ratigan cooking at home in his apartment in lower Manhattan, August 7, 2007
Of course! Obviously D-Rat is going to come out of this thing whole thing unscathed, and as the host of some sort of lifestyle show for bros. You can see it, I can see it, it's pretty much how he fashions himself already, and let's be honest, it's what most of the CNBC "personalities" are all angling for, but without the pretense of being business news gurus. I'd watch.