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What's In A Dow?

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It's almost like not paying your dues at the tennis club. First the furtive glances. Then the softer whispers. The loud whispers. The white envelope with your name written in red pen discovered one afternoon in your inbox. God forbid you take an arrest for securities fraud, or selling PCP. Security will finally toss you, puking up the Waldorf salad from earlier in the back of a paddy wagon after taking a few blows to the midsection.
That's probably about how Citigroup, and a few others feel right about now. The exclusive club of the Dow is no longer for them and they are likely to be invited to leave eventually (don't tazedelist us, bro!)

As Citi trades below $1, speculation again heats up that Citi, Bank of America and GM will almost certainly be removed from the Dow Industrials. Lists are being circulated for likely candidates.
Most often mentioned among financials: Mastercard or Visa, as well as some of the trust banks like Northern Trust or Bank of New York. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are also possible choices, but some seem to feel that they may politically unpalatable.

So, you tell us. Who's in? Who else is out?
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