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Where The Jobs At?

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Many of you have been asking that question lately, so thought we'd offer some clues. Right here baby:

The Foxy Lady wants to be sure that its three locations are fully staffed and prepared to meet their customers' the Providence, Rhode Island, strip club will be holding a job fair to fill 30 positions -- bartenders, waitresses, masseuses and strippers -- according to club manager Bob Travisono.
"We are looking to find a diamond in the rough," Travisono told CNN.
Based on phone inquiries, Travisono said he's expecting a large crowd Saturday for the job fair.
So many people in Rhode Island have been hit hard by the economy that we wanted to do our part," he said, adding that he couldn't think of a better place than the Foxy Lady to find that ideal job.

Plus, the government won't have a say over your compensation! Or just go work for SAC. Same diff/no diff.
Strip club fair offers solution to skimpy job market [CNN]