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Whitney Replacement Taking Gentler Approach

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As previously mentioned, Chris Kotowski, the analyst staffed with Meredith Whitney's old beat at Oppenheimer, has some big spiked heels to fill. When it came to the Dollar Dom's baby, would he attempt to imitate his predecessor's style, working the Big C over with a spreader and truss bar, while telling the Street, "This dump is less than a quarter away from being consigned to the scrap heap of corporate history, GET OUT NOW"? Or would he attempt to step out of her shadow, proclaiming the place "a goldmine," and enclosing choice photos of himself in a scantily clad Leprechaun suit? Save for the suit, none of the above. Kotowski seems to be taking the dry humor approach (you can almost feel the smirk on his face while banging this one out, sitting there going to himself "Citi: Perhaps Not A Complete Lost Cause," chuckling, and going, "No, no, that's not it." "Citi: I Could Go Either Way...In A Moment Of Weakness, I'd Probably Fuck It." "Hah, no, Chris, I don't think the Street's ready for this kind of genius...but save it for later." "Citi: When Will It Go To Zero? We'll Put The Under/Over At 4 Days, And Take The Under").

Citi Note [PDF]