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Will Geithner Show?

He's due to testify on the budget plan in front of Ways and Means in just a little bit. (We've already heard a lot of noise about this being Geithner's last chance. Even CNBC is asking if a no-confidence vote is in order). Considering he's been awfully absent lately, and mindful of the criticism that he doesn't ever give any details, perhaps he's already sitting on a plane to Antigua?
Either way, we'll be covering his do-or-die (non)appearance live!
12:25: A sighting of The Safecracker in Sarasota this morning was in error.
12:33: It's him! It's him! Wait... wait... wait a minute... the ears are different. Less... Legolas-like. It's a double!
12:35: S&P 500: 701.35 Dow: 6780.
12:39: A former mistress assures us it's actually him.
The Safecracker: It is an honor to be here. Really.
Rangel: What is the biggest complaint with your plan?
The Safecracker: Let me talk again about the ten year plan. Growth. Foundation. Green. Education. Healthcare. Regulation overhaul. Fiscal responsibility. What was the question again?
Camp: Obama promised us he wasn't going to raise taxes on anyone who makes under $250,000. Explain how cap and trade isn't a tax on everyone for everything?
The Safecracker: Thanks for that really smart question. That was really smart. But, let me talk about the plan. We are reducing the overall tax burden. That's what we need. Everyone wants that. We don't raise any taxes during this difficult period. Also: people aren't going to have higher energy costs if they use less of it.
Camp: You are going to kill charities with these itemized deduction changes. That is going to hit the lowest income brackets.
The Safecracker: No it won't.
Levin: Are you going to finally get at deferred partnership interests and tax it as income?
The Safecracker: Hell yes! American's know that's fair.

[See the guy over Tim's left shoulder? That's Phil. Phil actually did all the work on the budget. He hasn't had much sleep].
The Safecracker: "I don't think you've seen a budget this fiscally responsible in... well... a long time."
1:17: S&P 500: 698.29 Dow: 6749.
Mr. Johnson: You are mandating that every small business create a 401k plan for employees. And this is to be followed by a mandated pension program? Is that smartest idea? Aren't these just new taxes?
The Safecracker: Administrative costs are going to be small. It is fair. It is responsible.
Can you name even one economist who agrees with your growth predictions?
The Safecracker: Not really.
I get the impression that Timmeh doesn't have much stamina. Having seen him in about 5 of these, he always seems very tired after an hour.
2:37: S&P 500: 708.42 Dow: 6837.
Berkley: Will you please stop beating up on Las Vegas? Sheesh.


Tim Geithner Will Not Replace The Beard

You won't have Tim Geithner to kick around any more. The little guy and now-former U.S. Treasury Secretary won't be pursuing a D.C. sequel.