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Write-Offs: 03.13.09

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$$$ Hedge Fund, Private Equity Titans Crowd Billionaire List [FINalternatives]
$$$ Madoff: The Chase Connection [Portfolio]
$$$The Kogans "Win" In Greenwich though their plans to out-bowl our boy were sullied long ago. [Cityfile]
$$$ "There is nothing more tantalizing than a chance to peek into a private art collection, especially when it has been secreted in a fortresslike compound in Greenwich, Conn., and when the owner happens to be the hedge-fund billionaire Steven A. Cohen.
Next month Sotheby's will show a group of 20 works that the [Cohen and his wife, Alexandra] have collected over the past decade. The exhibition, from April 2 to 14 in the 10th-floor galleries at the firm's York Avenue headquarters in Manhattan, is a carefully selected group of paintings, sculptures, works on paper and photographs that all depict women." [NYT]
Is this what we might call pumping (the shit out of) the stock? (JK, of course. Love you, SC. Mean it.)
$$$Job of the Week: Fortress needs a Quantitative Developer. That could be you! [DB Career Center]
$$$ Finally, a long-belated shout out to Dealbreaker's favorite (college) fund, the Duke Investment Club, which beat Steve Mandel, L-Train, and a bunch of other chumps in 2008!