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Write-Offs: 03.19.09

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$$$Ari Kiev: "Success is all in your head" [Reuters]
$$$ An Insider's Perspective On White Collar Crime [zero hedge]
$$$ House GOP Report Details Countrywide's Efforts to Benefit VIPs [Washington Post]
$$$More Press Than Protesters Show Up At Goldman HQ. Security precautions apparently for naught. [clusterstock]
$$$BofA Tries to Stem Merrill Defections in London [CNBC]
$$$Maria Bartiromo Slips Into Lou Dobbs Territory [Cityfile]
$$$ A history of expensive offices at Citigroup [The Deal]
$$$Contrarian View: HR 1586 (T.A.R.P. Surtax Bill) will Create Millionaires [DJT]