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You Know, I Don't Really Know, Mark. I've Always Thought It'd Be Kinda Cool To Open A Sports Memorabilia Shop, But That May Just Be A Boyhood Dream. I Dunno. There's No Real "Plan" If That's What You're Asking. Really Just Taking Things Day By Day.

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MARK HAINES: What will AIG look like when you're finished? What kind of company is it going to be?
LIDDY: Yeah. Not exactly sure. It will be a smaller company. Clearly with the sale or disposition of AIA and Alico, that's a large chunk of our worldwide life business, we'll get smaller. We'd like to take up to 20% of our property casualty business public, give it a separate brand name, a separate identity. We'll be a much smaller company. That's what we have to do in order to pay back the taxpayer. At AIG we believe we should pay back the money that has been loaned to us.