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You Missed Your Excuse To Be In Beautiful London In March

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/n., v. ˈɛkspɜrt; adj. ˈɛkspɜrt, ɪkˈspɜrt/ [n ., v. ek-spurt; adj. ek-spurt, ik-spurt]
1. a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority: a language expert.
1. connoisseur, master. 3. experienced, proficient, dexterous. See skillful.
3. unskillful.

Date: Thursday 5 March 2009

Time: 1-2pm

Venue: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

Speaker: Vikram Pandit

Chair: Howard Davies
In his lecture, Vikram Pandit will outline his views on the role of banking in society and the future of the industry, its supervision, its structure and its reputation and explains his work to reinvent the world's most global financial services company and his vision for the New Reality.

Next week, please join for a special double lecture. In the first segment, Hank Greenberg will present his unique approach to comprehensive, financial risk management in large organizations. Our second segment features a Jimmy Cayne presentation on drug prevention in the workplace including a special demonstration period. Intermission entertainment and refreshment will be provided by world renowned pin-juggling, sword swallowing and fire-eating sensation Ken Lewis (donations will be accepted in the open guitar case).
The Future of Banking in a Global Economy [The London School of Economics and Political Science]
Text of Remarks: Deep Thoughts From Vikram Pandit [Zerohedge]