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You're Out Of Your Element

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As local yokels, we try to keep it casual up in this piece, and sometimes it's probably difficult to tell, on the rare occasions when it occurs, that we're being serious. So heads up, 'cause right now we're saying, completely sincerely, step off bitches. We love ourselves some Daily Show but methinks the "financial crusaders of the world" title has gone to someone's head. As you know, TDS shamed Jim Cramer for being Jim Cramer last week. But there are more wrong-doers to be flogged! Last night, in a segment by Samantha Bee, the show attempted to take on the Big Bad Short Sellers. Sure, they bring on the "pro-short seller guy" but really just to make fun of him and wink at the audience while telling us how evil these people are (the anti-SS is played by none other than Patrick Byrne). Here's a free tip for TDS: next time, just replay the interview with Bethany McClean talking about Enron and the "dirty" biz of short selling from several years back. Since she, you know, knows what she's talking about.


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