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Anti-Goldman Blogger Is No Sell Out!

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As you're aware, Mike Morgan, proprietor of Facts about Goldman Sachs, a site billed as "an open forum for facts and discussions about what part Goldman Sachs and their executives played in the current Global Economic Crisis," vowed several weeks back not to back down from his mission to "expose" the firm's supposed evil-doings, despite provoking the ire of 85 Broad. He chose not to comply with a cease and desist request, and has continued to post information that doesn't cast the Masters of the Universe in the best light at
Which is nice and all that, but we assumed that for the right price, he could be silenced (who couldn't be, right?). Apparently, not so much! Morgan was recently offered $2 million from an unidentified buyer (Goldman Sachs?) to sell the site, which he turned down. Kid's got principles, we guess (that or he's holding out for a unit, knowing full well Blankfein's good for it).
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