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Antitrust Is Back Home Early

And you thought antitrust had no surprises left in it. Far from it. Even the threat of extended reviews (six to nine months in this case) is still enough to blow a chilly breeze over the swollen nether regions of about-to-merge firms. In fact, Mom's sudden appearance at the door ("I thought you were going to the mall!") can drain the blood from the hottest deals- leaving one party or another pleading for another shot ("I'll even cuddle after this time. For ten minutes! I promise!") but often to no avail.

IBM is no longer interested in buying smaller rival Sun Microsystems Inc at any price, due to concerns that such a deal would draw intense regulatory scrutiny, CNBC reported on Thursday.
Citing sources close to Sun, CNBC said the high-end computer maker had approached International Business Machines Corp earlier this week to ask it to return to the negotiating table, indicating that Sun would be flexible about price.

Sorry Sun. We understand cold showers help.
IBM not interested in Sun at any price: report [Reuters]