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Are Ken Lewis's Days Numbered?

Sure, Bank of America beat the expectation they were going to report 'bleeding out the ass' level earnings for the first quarter but some people, like shareholder Jonathan Finger, are still banging on with their intent to throw Ken Lewis out on his ass. Ahead of the firm's annual shareholder meeting on April 29, various groups are making various demands, among them a) separate the CEO and chairman role, and strip Lewis of the latter b) take Lewis out of the CEO seat c) some sort of elephant walk involving K to the L, his lieutenants and O. Temple Sloan. The Boone's connoisseur has gone back and forth on whether we'll have to drag his dead lifeless body out of the place or if he'll go willingly, an inconsistency that can probably be best attributed to lack of sobriety during interviews (and business hours in general, which we have no problem with). Anyway, since we hate surprises, let's just determine what's going to happen now:

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