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BAC Shareholders Respond To Lewis Betrayal

The Deal spoke this morning with some fractional owners of Bank of Amerillwide, on the topic of Ken Lewis never telling them about the metric asston of losses Merrill was about to report, prior to acquiring the company, because Paulson or Bernanke or Pernanke threatened him. Among the responses: "Brute!" "Pig" "Pussy!" "Lying sack of shit!" "Worthless backpack of dicks!" "Guy whose clothes are about to be thrown out the window and whose key will no longer work once I have the locks changed!" No, not really (though they haven't spoken to everyone and surely that's what at least a few people, Mrs. Lewis included, are thinking). Some actual thoughts on the matter:

"He violated his duty to protect shareholders in order to protect himself, and now shareholders are shouldering the burden of those consequences," CtW Investment Group's Michael Garland told Dealscape.
"Seems like Ken Lewis has changed his story. Previously Mr. Lewis has stated unambiguously that Bank of America was not aware of the losses at Merrill Lynch until after the Dec. 5 shareholder vote. Now he states differently. I think this will certainly strengthen our lawsuit," Jonathan Finger of Finger Interests Number One Ltd. told Dealscape.