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Ball Park It. Are We Talkin' Like Calling Up Prosties Once In A Blue Moon To Blow Off Steam Or Were You Bangin' Hooks On The Reg-U-Lar For The Past Decade?

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As you're aware, Eliot Spitzer's been trying to talk AIG for the lastcouple weeks, which is what he would've been doing anyway but from a more authoritative post had he not fucked a hooker last year and been forced to resign from office. And thank god he was, otherwise we would never have had the opportunity to behold this exchange:
Lauer: You were not prosecuted for your actions. As a result we don't know the extent of your actions. I just wonder if you could give me some ballpark, some estimations of how long this went on and how frequently this went on.
Spitzer: Not frequently...not long in the grand context of my life.