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Brace Yourselves, Madoff Grandchildren!

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Ponzi Nation's victims are mobilizing and they're after your shit! A group of Madoff investors moved last night to force Bernie-boy into involuntary Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, and while the claims are pretty much pocket change, totaling just over $60 million, they're personal. "We filed this to make sure nothing slips by and that the victims get everything," attorney Jonathan Landers, who filed the bankruptcy petition, said. "Somebody's got to go digging, and one of the problems is we're not sure that anybody has done enough digging fast enough yet." They're on top of it now, though, and "gifts made by Madoff to friends and family going back six years" are fair game, meaning some people should consider stashing lavish Hannukah gifts and checks where the sun don't shine ASAP.
In happier, tastier Madoff-related news, the rest of the Mets tickets are for sale.