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Casting The Wall Street Sequel

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As briefly mentioned yesterday, Oliver Stone has signed on to direct the Wall Street sequel, after previously bailing on the project (whose original title, Money Never Sleeps, has blissfully been shelved). That's where the good news ends and the Shia LaBeouf begins. He's currently in negotiations to "play a young Wall Street trader under Gekko's spell-- a somewhat updated version of the character Charlie Sheen played in the original film." While we can see LaBeouf playing a 2009 version of the sniveling Seth Davis,* this just won't do. Hopefully the talks will fall through and when that happens, we need to be prepared to offer a more suitable alternative. Who shall that be? Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Once you've answered that, determine a working list of Wall Street "personalities" we'd like to make appearances as themselves. Jimmy Cayne-- given. But what about Meredith Whitney? Jamie Dimon? Jim Chanos? Mark Haines? Let's inject some authenticity up in this piece. Lastly, since it sounds like the script isn't exactly finalized, what do we think of a storyline involving a burning passion between Erin Callan and David Einhorny, ignited over a balance sheet brawl?
*In a Boiler Room sequel no one's announced plans to make.


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