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Charlie Gasparino: Jon Stewart Is Full Of Sh*t, Would Lose To Me In A Street Fight

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You had to assume that's what Gasparino thought of our friend and associate anyway, but it's nice to hear the sentiment verbalized. Chaz spoke to the Arthur W. Page Society ("a professional association for senior public relations and corporate communications executives") last week, and in addition to waxing poetic on his bad experiences with masters of spin (including an incident with Lehman that resulted in this), Chaz, who moonlights as an arbiter of comedy, also told the audience that while Jon Stewart's interview with Jim Cramer was funny, the Daily Show host is "full of shit." And? "I'm tougher than Jon Stewart." We're guessing that Stewart's moved on from his CNBC feud but on the off chance he's still interested, we're more or less begging someone invite Gaspo on to fight, with Mark Haines serving as coach.