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Citi: Firing Pandit Would Put The Global Financial System At Risk

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We don't have to tell you people we love ourselves some Vikram Pandit, but is this perhaps laying it on a bit thick? In response to "sources" telling the Post that regulators may take Count Vikula out of the building in order to "signal Washington is taking as hard a line with the banks as it did with General Motors," Citi CFO Ned Kelly offered: "Replacing [Pandit] would be dramatically de-stabilizing both for Citi and the system." As for the matter of Tim Geithner paying a visit to the Big C's offices a week and a half ago? Totally not a big deal, and nothing having to do with Pandito's job being at risk. The drop by, according to people familiar with the meeting, was "simply to conduct a checkup on the bank." You know, making sure the building was up to code, that the toilets were all flushing properly, etc. Standard. Paulson used to do the same thing.