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Client Number Nine Ruins Everything

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And by everything we mean our anticipated joy in the hilarious attack ads cooked up by his opponent (the lower the budget the better). A source "familiar with Spitzer's thinking*" told the Daily News the noted hooker fucker has no plans to run for Attorney General in 2010, despite whispers to the contrary. Which we're admittedly a little bummed about, but you know who's even more disappointed? Silda Spitzer. Ness needs a job already! Yeah, he's "consulting" and somesuch but he's not putting in the same long hours he used to 'cause he's not passionate about it like he was steamrolling Wall Street, or bangin' the hooks. He needs a new gig, asap. But what? Life coach? Bikini waxer? Paul Shaffer to Dylan Ratigan's Letterman? You tell us.
*What's it like up in there?


The Eurozone Is Ruining Everything

Here's the latest impressively awful bit of data to emerge from the economic wasteland at the heart of the world's economic slag-heap, Europe: Employment in the eurozone has dropped to a seven-year low.