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Some discussion yesterday (You're Not So Tough After All Safecracker) caused us to wonder who exactly had put the provision that seems to forbid Tim "The Safecracker" Geithner from imposing conditions on the repayment of TARP funds.
A series of amendments to what was then H.R. 384, the "TARP Reform and Accountability Act of 2009" were offered to the rules committee on January 14th. That bill was eventually consolidated into a large mass of amendments and voted into the final bill which was passed in the house on January 28th. The Senate bill was passed on February 10th. Obama signed the bill on February 17th.
The "No Impediment" section of the bill was in the amendment packaged offered on January 14th, amendment #43, to be specific, was offered by Frank, Barney (D-MA).
Suck it, Timmy.