Don't Bank On It

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Poor, poor Wharton students. Thing have gotten so bad that the last resort has become "a job teaching in Dubai," "the State Department," or, yes, "becoming a rabbi."

"It's always been about the brass ring and it's always been about the brand recognition, and for a lot of students that meant jobs at Goldman Sachs," said Emanuel Sturman, director of career services at Dartmouth College. "It's premature to say the bloom is off the rose totally, but I think students are starting to look at a wider array of brass rings."

So having discovered that, once you take finance out of the picture "...a lot of Wharton people were interesting" and as the recession greedily licks up their tears of ultimate sorrow, what advice might we have for Riana, Daniel and Jessica, oh, wisest Dealbreaker?

Business Grads Looking Beyond Wall Street
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