Duncan Niederauer Both Feels and Doesn't Feel Shareholder Pain

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The New York Stock Exchange held its annual stockholder meeting today and apparently the fractional owners are steamed over CEO Duncan "No Vinnies" Niederauer being paid $4 million last year despite the company posting a $745 million net loss. And, weirdly, no one was placated by Niederauer's peace offering, "I may not feel the same pain as you, but I feel it." They're still pissed and want vengeance. Sounds like a job for noted NYSE chief-hater and hooker fucker Eliot Spitzer! Unfortunately, the Steamroller is otherwise detained. But the chairman's come armed with promises, so that's cool:

"This year, there will be very specific parameters and metrics on pay," promised NYSE Euronext Inc.'s deputy chairman, Marshall Carter, at the company's annual stockholder meeting on Thursday. Golden parachutes - big payouts for top executives should the exchange be sold - will not be offered in the future, swore Chairman Jan-Michiel Hessels, "unless there is extremely good reason." CEO Duncan Niederauer pointed out that much of his $9.2 million in compensation last year was in stock that has shed significant value.

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