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Duncan Niederauer Both Feels and Doesn't Feel Shareholder Pain

The New York Stock Exchange held its annual stockholder meeting today and apparently the fractional owners are steamed over CEO Duncan "No Vinnies" Niederauer being paid $4 million last year despite the company posting a $745 million net loss. And, weirdly, no one was placated by Niederauer's peace offering, "I may not feel the same pain as you, but I feel it." They're still pissed and want vengeance. Sounds like a job for noted NYSE chief-hater and hooker fucker Eliot Spitzer! Unfortunately, the Steamroller is otherwise detained. But the chairman's come armed with promises, so that's cool:

"This year, there will be very specific parameters and metrics on pay," promised NYSE Euronext Inc.'s deputy chairman, Marshall Carter, at the company's annual stockholder meeting on Thursday. Golden parachutes - big payouts for top executives should the exchange be sold - will not be offered in the future, swore Chairman Jan-Michiel Hessels, "unless there is extremely good reason." CEO Duncan Niederauer pointed out that much of his $9.2 million in compensation last year was in stock that has shed significant value.

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