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Entirely Possible AIG Will Need A Metric Asston More Money From The Government

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AIG Chief Whipping Boy and $1 Man Ed Liddy sat down with the Chicago Tribune last week, and yesterday we got an edited version of the chitchat. Spoiler alert: Hank "Wasn't Me" Greenberg will not be pleased, and is likely getting Maria Bartiromo on the horn as we speak to schedule a Closing Bell appearance to clear his name, for the 87th time this week, and to remind everyone listening to have your pets spayed or neutered (by which I do not mean to imply senility has given way to believing himself to be Bob Barker giving his usual show ending send-off. That was wishful thinking on your part).
Q: Of these three, who bears the most responsibility for AIG's derivative losses: Hank Greenberg, Martin Sullivan or Joseph Cassano?
A: I'd say it's equal parts. There's plenty of shame to go around. The establishment of (AIG's financial products unit) was done by Hank Greenberg. That culture was one of, "What's in it for me?" They got 38 percent of the profits.
Q: Will AIG need more government money?
A: I like where we are.