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Gasparino: I Only Said Stewart Was Full Of Sh*t As It Relates To Me, Not Cramer

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Re: the earlier post concerning Gasparino speaking to a bunch of PR execs and telling them after watching Jon Stewart's interview with Jim Cramer, he came to the conclusion the Daily Show host was full of shit. Chaz did indeed say our friend and associate was stuffed to the gills with fecal matter, but his words were taken out of context. It had nothing to do with Cramer, just to do with CG. Sayeth Gaspo: "I told them I watched the clip that featured me, and I laughed and cringed at the same time. But the concept that I'm a shill for AIG is bull shit. Stewart is full of shit if he's saying I'm a shill for AIG. AIG was complaining about me all year, how could I be a shill for them?" Chazpo also told us that the insurer's flack, Chris Winans, was in the audience, and he pointed the guy out and asked him to stand up and asked "I'm I a shill for AIG?" to which Chris answered no, sir.
Apparently it's true Gasparino commented that he's tougher than Stewart, though he did so "in a joking way." Regardless, RothStewart v. Cosa NostraGasparino still has the potential to happen.