Get Your Submissions In Now!


For those of you on 24-hour delay (CNBC): After it was announced yesterday that hot piece of man meat Tim Geithner has been deemed one of the world's 100 most beautiful, according to People, we asked you to nominate the thirty hottest financial services hacks. You're off to a great start but we need more picks and we need them now! As previously stated, submissions may include both individuals who project inner beauty and, obviously, those whose contribution to the universe is raw sex appeal, such as a certain Southern Connecticut Zamboni driver (so incredibly hot our ice melts just thinking about him). For inspiration, after the jump (and at left), a sampling of nominees thus far.

Target Boy, Bill Ackman

The meat of your breakfast Quintilla-Quick-Kernan sandwich, Becky Quick

Adorable woodland creature, Dick Bové

Sopressata specialist, Charlie Gasparino

The object of many a foot-fetish, Rebecca Jarvis

His firm's name is an anagram for 'so kinky,' Jim Chanos

JMACK Capital founder (and former SAC girl), Julie Macklowe

Needs no introduction, Jim Simons

Aragon Global founder (and Mrs. Ken), Anne Dias Griffin

This god of chest hair.

Dollar Dominatrix, Meredith Whitney

Yoga teacher, Dan Loeb (though apparently he's given up downward dog for triathlons)

Mary Louise Parker doppelgänger, Bethany McLean

The man behind the Mayo Jar, Mike Mayo

Mark Haines gal pal, Erin Burnett

Noted porn star, David Einhorn

Patriarch Partners founder, Lynn Tilton

The Beard, Ben Bernanke

The Bald, Hank Paulson

CNBC defector, Liz Claman and the Clamanettes

Boy-toy CEO, Jamie Dimon (who will fight you for this thing)


Your Dream Gig: Now Within Reach

Back in the day, as in 2007, Wall Street compensated its employees in a way that made them feel loved. In a way that made them feel special. In a way that made the long hours, the constant stress, the soaring highs and the crashing lows, the verbal and sometimes physical abuse bearable. Now, obviously, not so much. Combine that with suffocating regulation and you've got a bunch of financial services hacks who are saying "I want out." Some, like the Goldman partners who've already made enough money to not have to work again, are simply retiring. Others are waiting to get fired. Yet other are seeking out the warm embrace of hedge funds. A lesser number, though, are using the shift as an opportunity to finally leap for that dream, be it baking cupcakes or slapping bare asses with branches. But about your dream? You know the one. The one you've never shared with a soul. The one that's always in the back of your head. The one that keeps you up at night. The has you giving the side-eye to the dog-walkers you see your neighborhood-- because it's not fair. YOU should be the one wrangling the packs of pups, masterfully juggling dozens of leashes at a time that you'd never let get knotted.  Unfortunately, because this is the world we live in, no one would ever give you a chance. Something about being overqualified for the job, they said, looking you up and down in your dress pants and blue button-down, smirking, thinking "Like this guy can command the respect of a bunch of bitches." Plus, you had a lifestyle to maintain and the golden handcuffs were still a serious draw. Now though, you've been unshackled. And you know all those little plastic bags you've been subconsciously saving under the sink for years, waiting for your moment to come? It's here now.