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Goldman Breaks Record

"Listen people, we've got to turn up the heat. I want enough cash to pay back the TARP, get our warrants back, retire the FDIC insured debt, fill the bonus pool, buy Bank of America and dismantle it, acquire Gulfstream from General Dynamics to vertically integrate our corporate aviation needs, and elect Hank Paulson President in the next cycle. Get to work people. Especially you folks at the trading desks."

Goldman Sachs's so-called value-at-risk, the amount the New York-based bank estimates it could lose from trading in a day, jumped 22 percent to $240 million in the first quarter, twice what Morgan Stanley stands to lose, company reports show. VaR climbed 2.8 percent in the same period at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and dropped 14 percent at Credit Suisse Group AG.

Goldman Sachs Boosts Risk-Taking at Fastest Pace on Wall Street [Bloomberg]