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Goldman Sachs: Congratulations. You Are One Step Closer To Becoming A Master Of The Universe.

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No, just fuckin' with ya! Some hearts were surely broken last week when somehow-- and we're actually not clear on the details, so if you know more, get it off your chest and onto ours--at least a handful of kiddies who'd applied for the enviable opportunity to wax Lloyd Blankfein's pate were notified they'd scored an interview to do so, only to have it ripped out from under them. Apparently a bunch of prospective Goldmans were greeted with the following message, which, tip off numero uno, came from a gmail account

From: Mark Weber
Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 2:09 PM
Subject: Interview
Dear Candidate,
You have been selected for a first round interview for a position in the Goldman Sachs New Analyst Training Program.
Our interview approach allows us to introduce you to many of the professionals with whom you may eventually work, and it enables you to make an informed decision about a career at Goldman Sachs. Your first interview with us will primarily focus on your past experiences and accomplishments and whether or not you are a fit with the firm. Second round and any subsequent interviews will be more technical in nature and we will continue to assess your compatibility with the firm.
We will be conducting interviews during the weeks of April 13-17th and April 20-24th. Please respond with three different dates and times you'd like to come in for an interview at the current 85 Broad St. New York, NY location.
Best of luck.
Mark Weber
VP Human Resources
Goldman Sachs
85 Broad St., 30th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Several days later, they got this dream-shattering bomb, from the same address:

Dear Candidate,
The e-mail for an interview with Goldman Sachs was one huge prank by a person who has no affiliation with Goldman Sachs whatsoever. I apologize deeply.

Right off the bat, a few questions that need answering: considering that the "prank" was pulled by someone who apparently had access to a list of Goldman applicants, was this an inside job? Is there a Mark Weber who actually works in HR at 85 Broad, who was, for some reason, being impersonated? Why the sudden change of heart, i.e. the "deep" apology for messing with these kids? And just, you know, WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO SOMETHING SO SICK AND TWISTED?


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