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Goldman Sachs Trader To The Rescue!

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Are you a Stamford resident two shakes away from being thrown out on your ass? All may not be lost, if you make a mental note to show up at the Yerwood Center this Saturday, where Goldman Sachs trader Christopher Meek will be holding a meet and greet with distressed homeowners and lenders (including HSBC, People's United Bank, New Alliance Bank, Webster Bank and Freedom Mortgage) to share some leaf cookies and assess some situations. Also in attendance will be debt counselors from Housing Development Fund, Neighbor Works, the Urban League of Southern CT and the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority.
Meek came up with the idea last fall while talkin' foreclosures over beers with work pals. Chris suggested organizing an info session between the foreclosers and the foreclosees, and his naysaying colleagues said "you'll never be able to do it," bet him a cup of coffee he couldn't, and ordered more shots. How wrong those drunk bastards were.
Chris told the Stamford Advocate that working on the event for the past several months has "...opened my eyes to things...I truly believe this economic environment has made everyone a kinder, gentler person." He expects that around 72 families may be able to modify their loans this weekend, though as many as 200 could show up. But no one will go home empty handed. Any people that can't come to some sort of resolution with the lenders will be offered a Snuggie and a warm bed, no questions asked, at this place.


Goldman Sachs Wants To Be Your Friend

And to show how serious it is about being your friend, here, have a macrame bracelet.