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It Was Just An IQ Issue, We've Got It All Cleared Up Now

Is the SEC drowning in a wading pool of ignorance? Have no fear. The Commission is getting "...more smarter, more swifter, more successfuler...." at least if you believe Robert Khuzami, sometime federal prosecutor made SEC enforcement chief. It seems that the new focus over at the SEC will be to hire smart guys. Really smart guys. How smart? Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons.
Khuzami took over Enforcement from Linda Thomsen, passer of the Ponzi buck, back in February, leaving precious few targets for ridicule at the Commission. Be this as it may, Khuzami is working hard to fill Thomsen's shoes.
When asked if it was true that specialists and attorneys with high fees are easily bored, Khuzami revealed that "lawyers in a specialized group could be permitted to work on unrelated cases to maintain variety," and that "It's not about what's broken."
The good news is that Khuzami is due to testify before Congress next week. The sharpening of disemboweling cutlasses could be heard echoing throughout the Dirksen federal building over the last 48 hours.
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