Jamie Dimon Needs To Be Treasury Secretary ASAP, Geithner Needs To Lighten Up, Francis

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We already know the CEOs were served bread and water (sans ice, no refills) as though they were common criminals, and that having successfully sneaked a few mini bottles of Boone's that he surreptitiously took swigs of throughout the hour, Ken Lewis was emboldened enough to comment (slur) that he'd sooner see Bank of America consigned to scrap heap of corporate history than suck up to Geithner and Summers, "like everyone else at this table." But so far this is the best detail to come out of Obama's lunch date with the banks:

In an attempt at levity at the meeting, J.P. Morgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon presented Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner with a fake check, according to a person who was briefed on the gathering. Geithner looked at it and, without smiling, handed it back to Dimon.

Moves to Repay Rescue Money [Washington Post]


Jack Lew To Be Nominated For Treasury Secretary, Sent To Penmanship School

As you have likely heard, President Obama plans to put Tim Geithner out of his misery tomorrow by nominating Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary. Lew is known for being Obama's White House Chief of Staff and also for having an absurd signature. And not like chicken scratch illegible-absurd, like not resembling anything in the alphabet, might as well have drawn an illustration of two alpacas fornicating/signed his name Mariah Carey absurd. And, should he be confirmed and subsequently have his name printed on a bunch of dollar bills, Lew will likely be forced to come up with something that actually looks like it spells "Jacob Lew" as opposed to what is he is currently signing receipts and important documents with, i.e. this: