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Jimmy Cayne Clears Air Over "Charlie Gasparino Is A Snake" Comment

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So! Remember last month when we learned that William Cohan's new book on Bear Stearns has Jimmy Cayne calling Journal reporter Kate Kelly a "cunt," Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner a back office "clerk" with a "boyfriend" and a "hard on," and CNBC on-air editor Charlie Gasparino a "snake"? We talked to Charlie Gasparino about that last allegation this morning and, according to Chaz, his inclusion in House of Cards is a total crock, for a couple reasons.
First off, William Cohan never called Gaspo to check things out. Well, he did email Chaz, but that was all the way back last year, and all he wrote was "Hey, we should talk." Charlie was busy, assumed Cohan "just wanted to go to lunch or something," and ignored the note. The lack of a call, in Gaspo's mind, was a failure on Cohan's part to comply with "Journalism 101 standard operating procedures."
Second, the whole "snake" comment was a misunderstanding, according to Jimmy Cayne, who last night, perhaps after getting lit, called up Gasparino to clear the air. Removing the bong from his lips long enough to speak, Cayne told Charlie that while, yeah, he did refer to CG as a snake, a) it was said out of anger b) the burn was taken out of context c) he's sorry d) he said "a lot of great stuff" about Charlie that didn't make it to print and e) he thinks Charlie is "the best damn reporter" he's ever seen. "Relentless."
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