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John Thain Didn't Know He Was Going To Get Fired Until Charlie Gasparino Told Him

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Additionally, Thain was also unaware of the fact that someone at Bank of America had leaked receipts from his interior decorating spree, which Gasparino also told him about. How did the pass off of information go down? Where did it go down? Was it arranged by a third party, taking place at the stroke of midnight in the alley behind Goldman? Did Gaspo tell Thain to "come alone"? Did CG bring a gun? Was there talk of a guy named Snakes? Did Chaz address Thain as "Johnny"? At any point during the conversation were threats made to "bust knee caps" or gifts of deadly deli meats alluded to? We like to think (and know in our hearts) all of the above happened, but the story JT and CG are going with is that the former Merrill CEO got the lowdown on his impending firing (and the Toilet-gate leak) while watching CNBC. Sayeth Gasparino:

As part of his makeover, Thain is also doing a lot of talking, giving a fulsome interview to the Wall Street Journal where we learned, among other salient facts, that he still puts on his suit and tie every morning even though he has no place to work and, oh yeah, he doesn't like Ken Lewis. One interesting fact left out of the story: Thain, according to a spokesman, told the Journal that he didn't know he was being fired by Lewis until he saw the news on CNBC being broken by yours truly.

Oh, but lest you think Chazpo can be bought by some well-placed flattery, think again!

I'm not taking sides. In fact as far as I'm concerned, watching these guys got at it is kind of like watching old World War II war footage of battles between Germans and Russians; you want them both to lose.

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