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JPMorgan May Be Better Than Its Peers But That's Not Good Enough For Mike Mayo

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Maybe that sort of shit would fly with, I don't know, Meredith Whitney, but not with this guy. Dimon should count himself lucky it requires too much effort on Mike's part to unshackle the Mayo Jar, which is kept taped down during the day so as not to scare small children who are at eye-level with it, otherwise he'd be in the awkward position of having to tell people how his teeth got knocked out.


Jamie Dimon Reminds Mike Mayo He Drove To Work In An Eighty Thousand Dollar BMW

Mike Mayo: I think what I hear UBS saying in their presentation is, if I'm an affluent customer, I'll feel a lot better going to UBS if they have a 13 percent capital ratio than another big bank with a 10 percent ratio, do you agree with that or disagree? Jamie Dimon: So you would go to UBS and not JPMorgan? Mike Mayo: I didn't say that, that's their argument. Jamie Dimon: That's why I'm richer than you.


Mike Mayo Doesn't Need A Job To F@ck With JPMorgan

The Van Gogh of bank trolls will not be stopped by a mere sudden lack of employment.


Crazy Optimistic Jamie Dimon Even Nice To Mike Mayo During Bizarre JPMorgan Investor Day Appearance

JPMorgan Investor Day got thisclose to J-Dimez grabbing the mic and growling "Let me drop some dope cap ratio lines on y'all!"