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Know Your Treasury Personnel: James "Tall, bald and blunt" Lambright

We're going to be working with these government people for the foreseeable future so it's probably best we throw back a few and get the inter-office groping out the way now, right? Right. First on your list: James Lambright, chief investment officer of the Troubled Asset Relief Program. You'll want a cheat sheet of stuff to BS about for a few awkward hours before going home together, so let's just pluck what we need to know about Jimmy from the Journal's primer on the guy, hired by Hank Paulson (who appears to be his biological father), and asked to stay by Geithner "for an undefined period of time."
* Stanford undergrad, Harvard Law.
* Amateur boxer who made it to the semi-finals of the Golden Gloves, just like another Wall Street celeb. (Charity match on the horizon?)
* Scary enough to intimidate a guy who could easily palm a basketball and whose college nickname was the Hammer ("He's unbelievably tough, and sometimes needs to be reminded that the job is to save the financial system," says Paulson).
* Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette alum
* Appointed by Bushie to run the U.S. Export-Import Bank
* "On loan to the Treasury" but still "oversees" shit at the USEIB, where he makes a salary of $162,900
* Makes his own PB&J sandwiches for lunch

* "Takes photographs of doors he finds interesting"
* "Is fond of metaphors" (idioms, not so much)
* Is kind of a prick! (But the prick this place needs?)

Late on New Year's Eve, James Lambright, a Treasury Department official, sat waiting impatiently for documents to arrive from Citigroup Inc. He'd just been told by the bank's chief financial officer that Citigroup couldn't reach some executives who needed to sign the paperwork, including one woman whose husband was in the hospital with a heart attack.
"Well then, you know where to find her," Mr. Lambright replied to the finance chief, Gary Crittenden, according to three accounts of the call. "Put someone in one of your fancy black cars and get her to sign the document."